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War of 1812

We have just past the bicentennial of the War of 1812 so in this article we will look into our ancestors of that time period. We may all have at least one soldier that served during this time, probably in a militia unit rather than in a military unit. In 1800, the United States only […]

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Five Civilized Tribes

In the removal records for the Native Americans, we often find the term “Five Civilized Tribes” meaning the Cherokee, Choctaws, Creeks, Seminoles and Chickasaws. Each of these tribes have records prior to, during, and after the removals. If you are tracing your ancestor to one of these five tribes, it is important to know which […]

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Virginia Land Records

At some point in everyone’s research, you want to delve into the land records. This is very natural and is frequently very rewarding as to the information that is gleaned from the records themselves. I have seen deeds for a church that not only gave the donor of the property, but also the early history […]

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Travelers from the Old Dominion

Most of us, at one time or other, have found ancestors who hailed from Virginia. Figuring out where they originated in Virginia is the real question and can be very difficult to solve. We have to put everything into a time period as Virginia has one of the longest and largest presences in the United […]

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Immigration and Naturalization

At some point in our research, we all want to find out about our immigrant ancestors. All of us who live in North or South America have had ancestors that at one time or another migrated to this section of the world. Even our Native American came by various means from Asia. Some of them […]

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