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David H. Corkran – 360 pages – hard cover – indexed – 1967c


This is reported to be one of the first complete histories of these southern tribesmen.  Mr. Corkram took the position that we needed to study southern history from the view point of the Native Americans of all tribes and he does this with the Creek Nation  In crisis the Indian leadership was often intelligent astute, and canny in taking advantage of the conflicting forces which swelled around them,  The Creeks, though deficient in great leadership, were wise in council, and managed, despite bitter factionalism, for the most part to steer through the shoals which threatened their independence in the period under consideration.  Their success was a triumph of their well-developed system of council and consensus – republican rather than democratic, a congeries of semi-representative and hereditary oligarchs which functioned in a rude parliamentarianism.


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