The Chattanooga Country: Gateway to History


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James W. Livingood – hard cover – dust jacket – 698 pages – indexed – illustrations – 1995


In the 1860s when but 25 years old, Chattanooga had moved from being just a river landing to a major sourthern railroad junction.  This role allowed them to play a major part durinig the Civil War with a number of battles being fought near and around the area.  Within an hours drive today, you can be in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina making this a vital junction for many of the actions during the Civil War but in different states.  This was Dr. Livingood’s last book to be published after a long career as history profession at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  His understanding of the area, the Civil War and the future gives a great light into the nature of life in the area.


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