America’s Fascinating Indian Heritage


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The First Americans: Their Customs, Art, History, and How They Lived  is the subtitle of this volume compiled by Reader’s Digest.


416 pages filled with hundreds of photographs, drawings and original materials.  Here is a quick resource to the world of America before the white man came on the scene.  It is interesting to note the development of the Native Americans in their clan customs, their culture and their history before the records were written down in a form we are accustom to seeing in our own world.

Much of the history of these people began about 12,000 years ago as they too migrated to the Americas.  Many think they came by a land bridge  or over the ice from the Orient.  Later studies have shown that they came in a variety of ways such as across the Pacific or even across the Atlantic.  Nonetheless, they were all of the Homo Sapien variety of mankind.

A book you will want to read over and over again!!


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