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Beginning Again

The New Year is a time to begin all over again in our genealogical research. I don’t mean to toss out all that you have done for all those years. Instead, this is the time to revisit that research. Do you realize that in the past twelve months, there have been tens of thousands of […]

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Preserving Memories

Genealogy is more than just name, dates and places. The real heart of genealogy is an understanding of the time and events of the day in which our ancestors lived. With most of us celebrating the time between Thanksgiving and New Years, it is the perfect time to gather as much information as you can […]

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Black Holes of Genealogy

In a study of outer space scientists have discovered “black holes” which are places in space where matter disappears. This is where our great-grandfather ended up, or so it seems. Some of our ancestors just disappear into thin air. We keep looking but cannot find them. Case in point – John Anderson, born May 5, […]

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