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Deed Records

In researching your family tree, don’t forget to check out the deed records. Sometimes the most subtle hints are found in the deed. You may find relationships, neighbors that married into the family, where the family migrated and later sold the land. A careful search of the deeds is well worth the time and effort. […]

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Court of Pleas and Quarterly Sessions

In doing genealogical research, we often ignore the sources where we will find the information because we think it is too difficult to locate. The Court of Pleas and Quarterly Sessions as some states call them, is one of those sources. In every state and every county, there is an organization established to handle the […]

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Land Records

Our lost ancestors will more than likely show up in early land records, if we know who they were and where they settled. In the very beginning of our nation, all land was owned by the Crown which used land as reward for service or land grants/charters as a way to “buy” loyalty. Once the […]

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