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Tax Listings and Census

Sometimes, you find your ancestor on either the tax list or the census, but not on both even though you know that they were there at that time. One of the tricks I have used is to compare the two, a tax list about the time as the census. A transcriber frequently does not do […]

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1940 Census Research

The 1940 Census is now available and it is free to anyone who needs it. This comes as good news to the avid researcher; however, there is a bad side to it. You know that all things in life come with good news and bad news. First, we will start with the bad news of […]

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1820 Census

Each of the different Federal Census asks different questions to arrive at the need of the country at the time of that census. The 1820 is no different from any of the rest of them. Most all of the Census from 1790 through 1840 are primarily interested in the number of young men that could […]

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1900 – 1940 Census

This the third part in our Census series.  You can also read Part 1 and Part 2.  Beginning with the 1900 census and forward, the rules of the game changed considerably. Since there would be a lot more information of a personal nature, the release of these census was governed more strictly. In most of […]

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1860 – 1890 Census

This is the second part of our series of four articles on the Census from 1790 until 1930. The first part reviewed the 1790 – 1850 Census.  This edition will cover the second half of the nineteenth century. These records have a lot of new information for each of the following years: 1860 – 1870 […]

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