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Death Records

Death is one of those things in life that is certain. It happens to all of us if we live long enough. I am not making fun of death, but it is one of the events in each of our lives that we cannot escape. For the genealogist, the various records surrounding a death can […]

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Verify Your Genealogy Sources

We have all selected information from some book or source, especially when we are first beginning genealogy, only later to find out that it was wrong. It is so easy to find a source and take the information from it. All too often we do not verify the source or the information, and if we […]

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Oral History in Genealogy Research

How many of us have had an opportunity to sit down with an older member of the family and get the straight information about our ancestors? How many times with this situation have we walked away feeling frustrated that we did not receive all of the answers that we wanted from that conversation? The real […]

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Federal Land Records

If you have ancestors that went west in search of cheap land, you might want to try to find them in the Federal Land Records. From 1800 until 1908 these land records are found for all the states except the original thirteen colonies, Vermont, Maine, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Texas and Hawaii. These latter states […]

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Genealogy Mistakes

In our genealogy research methods, we make many mistakes. Some of these we overcome and some of them linger throughout our efforts. If we can head them off in the beginning, we will be better off in the end. Here are a few that we have all been guilty of doing at some point in […]

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Deed Records

In researching your family tree, don’t forget to check out the deed records. Sometimes the most subtle hints are found in the deed. You may find relationships, neighbors that married into the family, where the family migrated and later sold the land. A careful search of the deeds is well worth the time and effort. […]

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